Interactive Carpet Scratch & Spin Post with Wand Toys

Engage Your Cat's Senses with this Multi-Functional Scratch & Spin Post

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Redirect your cat's scratching away from furniture with the SmartyKat Scratch 'N Spin cat scratch post. Featuring a carpet scratch surface with enough resistance for a satisfying scratch session and topped with two feathery ribbon wands that spin freely with each swat of the paw, this post will attract your cat to scratch and play. Plus, wands are replaceable for long-lasting fun, making it the perfect solution for keeping your cat healthy and happy.

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Additional Product Details

  • Soft and durable carpet material
  • Interactive play for cats of all ages
  • Scratch pad to keep cat claws healthy
  • Spinning post for added entertainment
  • Wand toys with feathers and bells included
  • Sturdy base to prevent tipping over
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Encourages physical activity and mental stimulation
  • Easy assembly without tools needed
  • Perfect for multi-cat households

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